I worked on the branding for a new company, formerly called Hypothermia Devices. They developed a brand new technology for rapidly heating and cooling to be used in the home, for professional athletes, in hospitals, and beyond. The name “kelvi” came from kelvin or °K:, and the client loved that it was short, memorable, and referenced temperature. The branding itself had to be able to live in a home, hospital, or locker room and had to be friendly and modern, but also technical. The circle of dots to references the transition from hot to cold. The rest of the brand is clean and modern with a minimal and friendly color palate. 

Kelvi Logo lg.jpg

Brand Book:


User Manual:

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IFU open 2.jpg
IFU open.jpg

How-to drawings:

knee 1.png
back 1.png

Photoshoot: Art Direction